Foxy La Feelion (St. Louis)

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Foxy La Feelion has been in the burlesque scene for about 10 years now. But her passion for entertaining started many moons ago as a child. As a classically trained dancer, she has studied with companies such as Twyla Tharp, Alvin Ailey, Paul Taylor and much more! She began twirling her tassels as a member of the Alley Cat Revue. It was with the group, she performed weekly to sold out audiences for 4 years. Currently Foxy is a solo artist, choreographer for the Hoochie Coochie Girls and Beggars Carnivale. She can be seen all over the country demonstrating her famous ass cheeks glove removal! Foxy also holds two titles as the reigning queen of Kansas City burlesque festival and Shimmy Showdown champion. Foxy is no stranger to the Naughty stage and she plans on guest performing with Naughty whenever she is in town!

What makes you naughty?

Im naughty because I pull my gloves off using my butt cheeks ; )

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