Gia Gunn (Chicago)

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Rupaul’s Drag Race Season Six, Roscoe’s Miss Allstar 2014, Miss Roscoe’s 2012,

Gia Gunn, the newest Asian sensation, is the perfect combination of beauty and attitude. This Windy City native has a sharp tongue and a quick wit. Love her or hate her, you will remember this queen!

With a drag name originating from 70’s fashion model Gia Carangi and fashion consultant Tim Gunn, Gia is all about style. Dripping in jewels, purses as big as her body, and runway looks and walk that certainly back up her name.At just 7 years old, Gia began performing for audiences in drag during Kabuki theater performances. The art of Kabuki is an ancient Japanese movement-based type of theater, which has employed the use of drag for centuries. While it is not unheard of for a young man to play the onnagata, an iconic female stock character in kabuki, having a boy so young play the role is nearly unheard of. Gia really embraces her cultural background through her character and in her performances, which just adds to her unique style of drag. Stemming from a very unique drag background, Gia’s style is all her own. Her performances are always a spectacle and her diversity is one of the most wide-ranging that we’ve seen. She can dance her ass off serving body-ody-ody in one performance, and follow it up with a highly stylized, artistic character piece in the next!

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