Lady Jack (Chicago)

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Lady¬†Jack is multi-faceted performer who has appeared internationally as a dancer, performance artist and burlesque entertainer. She has performed as a solo performance artist for TEDx Midwest, the MCA, The Field Museum, the Milan Burlesque Award, the New Orleans and New York Burlesque Festivals, The Beggar’s Carnivale and Untitled Chicago. As a theatre performer she has worked with The Chicago Symphony, The Neo-Futurists, Silent Theatre Company, and in collaboration with acclaimed chamber music group, 5th House Ensemble, co-developing their Weaver’s Tales series, in which she portrayed the title role. In addition to her work onstage, Lindsey is also an actor onscreen, and has appeared in music videos, shorts, and feature films and is a member of Yokai Films.

What makes you Naughty?
I consider myself a bit of a trickster, the kind that likes to wear a lot of wigs, play a lot of characters and stain my wine glass with red lipstick. In college I was told that she would “always play the innocent ingenue.” I wrote that down in my day planner as a goal to never achieve.

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