Mister Junior (Chicago)

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Mister Junior, dubbed the Queen of boylesque, is a burlesque performer of mixed nationalities, bridging his Mexican heritage and American upbringing through the art of burlesque to expose the farce of duality and binary-based perceptions with their seductive lqqks and moves. Each act seeks to question and confront societal expectations of race, gender normativity, submission and dominance, and performance. They playfully adapt Hispanic stereotypes such as the Lover, the Bull/Bullfighter, and the expectations for a hairy body and subverts them before your eyes. Trained in flamenco dance and club culture, Mister Junior is often referred to as an innovative, revolutionary, and visionary artist. He performs regularly with The Naughty Little Cabaret and is known for his “glittery performance” that leaves the audience gagging on his glamour.

What makes you Naughty?

I’m a size queen that’s not afraid to admit it and I like wearing lady’s lingerie…

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