Rob The Pup Racine (Chicago)

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Rob Racine is the founder, producer and host of the Naughty Little Cabaret. Rob (also known as “Pup”) has been described as a dirty Sintra-esque emcee. His charismatic charm and flirtatious ability to serenade the audience keep him known throughout the burlesque community as the cute but dirty minded and sometimes outspoken, Pup.

Under a year since he opened his first show and Pup has already performed nation wide in Las Vegas, St. Louis, and Indianapolis. He has guest performed with many different Chicago burlesque companies such as The Glitter Guild and Belmont Burlesque and Lincoln Tap Room.

Pup started performing early in his life, singing the national anthem at military events while serving in the U.S. Navy. After serving 4 years, he put his performing on hold until 2012 when he had an idea to create a classy male burlesque inspired show with a naughty twist. In 2013 he incorporated his business as Naughty Little Productions, Inc. Rob is a visionary when it comes to creating high class entertainment. He puts himself in the seats of the audience when creating a show making sure that each guest will be visually and (maybe just a little physically) excited. Though Rob keeps his pants on (most of the time), he is more than excited to strip down and jump into bed with the extremely talented cast of the Naughty Little Cabaret as their energetic, ever-loving, host and emcee!

What makes you Naughty?

Me? Naughty? I think you must have me mistaken with someone else.

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