Sammy The Tramp (St. Louis)

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Ranked among the World’s “Top 30” Performers by 21st Century Burlesque in 2011

Sammy Tramp is a charming, lovable, scamp of a tramp, a throwback to the days of Chaplin and Keaton, and the good ol’ days of Vaudeville and Music Hall; this neo-victorian ‘Artful Masher’ graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a degree in Theater Performance, and now travels and performs around the world full time. Sammy is a high energy performance artist who has headlined and entertained in everything from burlesque festivals, vaudeville shows, street festivals, music festivals, silent film events, children’s events, concerts, private parties, and cabarets. Sammy was a founding member of Chicago’s very own Silent Theatre company, and is also the creator and artistic director of the wildly popular Beggar’s Carnivale and The Pocket Music Hall. When not performing, this tramp stays busy making silent films, writing catchy old timey music hall tunes, and creating and directing over the top stage spectacles. Feverishly dedicated to the art of pantomime, silent film, live entertainment, vaudeville, and all things old timey, Sammy vows to honor the past by making it modern and relevant again.

What Makes You Naughty?

I hide my androgynous wickedness behind a charming smile and a dandy dapper swell ensemble. I’ll seduce you with a twirl of my cane and a tip of my hat, and my sweet serenades will keep you coming back.

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